Success Stories

Personal Training

‘Getting married and having to choose a dress was an extremely daunting experience! I went to Greg to help me gain confidence back with my body for the big day and feel comfortable in a bikini for my honeymoon. He gave me more than just confidence, he taught me how to eat well, train hard but know my limits, with easy exercises to complete at home and busted the myth that it isn’t all about weight, but inches and body fat loss. Now I am married my journey continues with Greg to continue to develop my fitness levels even further, train harder and deliver further results. His friendly and approachable atmosphere makes you feel welcome and not afraid or embarrassed at whatever part of your journey you join him on. His banter is also thrown in for free!! Thanks so much Greg for your continued support. Here’s to more results!!’ Katie Gibson

'I'd always been nervous of having a personal trainer, but I really wanted to tone up and lose weight for my wedding. My friends recommended I come along to their PT session and I loved it!

Greg pushes you and makes you work hard but he does it in such a fun way; I don't think there has been a session where I haven't been giggling! He helped me to get the figure I wanted for my wedding and I wouldn't have got there without him! This resulted in my wedding dress having to be taken in by over 4 and a half inches! This happened all in the space of 3 and a half months!

Thanks to Greg I have lost weight and I am more toned and felt amazing on my wedding day and I wore bikinis on my honeymoon with confidence!' Helen Knott

'By giving me a structured set of plans to help me reach my goals, Greg has helped me achieve more than I ever thought I could! Even when I'm feeling rubbish or having a tough time of it and starting to lose faith, Greg has always been a positive influence and helped me stay focused! Can't wait to see what 2017 brings!!' Laura Atkins

"We wanted to lose weight for our wedding. A year before our wedding we contacted Greg at Realize fitness and our journey began. Over the course of the next year we lost 6 stone between us, Paula went from a dress size of 18 to a 12 and I went from 36" waist and size L to a 32" waist and a size S.

Greg has taught us how to train without sustaining injury and given us confidence to try out new fitness challenges. Since our wedding, we have continued our fitness journey with Greg and have both completed our first ever half marathons.’’ Robert and Paula Musson

"I've always enjoyed keeping fit and after each baby I've always made it my mission to get back in shape as soon as possible. After my third baby I decided to get fitter than ever and have done that with the help of Greg at Realize Fitness. The sessions are fun and intense and have helped me get to a place that I'm actually happy with (I've always managed to pick fault before!). I hope to maintain now which is just as hard but with the support of Greg I'm confident I'll do it." Kazza Newman

‘Great option for anyone who is looking for an alternative to an ordinary gym and is seeking professional guidance, which in turns will lead to great fitness results. Personal training at Realize Fitness helped me achieve my fitness goals through professional guidance, advice and continuous motivation. Thanks to Greg I was able to understand how to exercise, eat well and feel better for what I was doing. Now after two years I can't imagine not coming for our Monday and Friday sessions. I would recommend Realize Fitness to anyone.’ Rafal Bieg

‘I reached my own goal with my weight loss but then not knowing where to go or what to do was the next step.

Greg stepped in, listened to what I wanted to achieve and has already made a massive difference in just a few months. I've acted on his advice and worked hard at every session and the rewards speak for themselves! Cheers Greg’ Alex Welding

‘Greg is more than a personal trainer. He is a true motivator. He makes you believe you can. A few months ago I could not run 3 miles, today I ran a half marathon, and believe me I'm no runner (ask Greg about the different shades of red I have achieved along the way!) I would recommend anyone to have training with Greg - regardless of your goals - he will get you there!’

Keeley Peace

Mummy & Baby Classes

‘Great fun and effective buggy bootcamp classes! Brilliant to be able to exercise with your baby outdoors and Greg makes it fun and is very it never rains on a Thursday morning!’ Kelly Turner

‘Buggy bootcamp is fun, it’s great to be outdoors in a friendly group of other mums and being able to exercise without worrying about childcare. It’s a supportive atmosphere and lots of fun!! I look forward to going every week since starting.’

Louise Johnson

‘It’s a great way to get fit again after pregnancy without having to worry about childcare and also for meeting other mums too.’ Amy Yeo

‘Buggy Bootcamp is a true double bubble, exercising in the fresh air with your baby and having fun. What better motivation can there be? Mummy Boot Camp is great too. I get to do something for me without the worry and hassle of childcare and my baby gets to socialise too. Everyone is so friendly and understanding; whether me or baby are having a bad day, everyone understands and gives the support to do a good session.’

Claire L-H

‘Was nervous about starting exercise after having 2 kids and gaining a lot of weight but Mummy Boot Camp is great in a friendly, relaxed studio where the kids can play or join in and it has really helped me to stay motivated and not feel embarrassed. Look forward to it every week.’ Georgina S

ME & Bootcamp

‘Love Boot Camp! About to start ME and a bit of PT too... Getting fitter without feeling self conscious (this is important to me as I’m older). Groups are very welcoming and fun. Greg is relaxed and makes you feel very welcome from day one. Had some laugh out loud moments. Highly recommended!’

Lesley Bee

‘I started with Realize Fitness nine months after having my little one who's now 14 months. Five months later I'm now officially the lightest I've been in over three years and the fittest I've been since my teens! So happy :)

Thank you Greg for giving me the push I needed!!!’ Helen Nightingale

‘Great class. The classes are small so Greg can watch everyone but a lovely bunch and welcoming. He pushes you enough to get you thought the workout but let's you rest when needed. Offers advice too very helpful.’

Kaylee Waring

‘Excellent classes that you can take your kids to that actually work! I've never felt so good and after having 3 kids that's saying something! Greg has helped me with fitness, strength and nutrition and is always on hand for advice.’

Kazza Newman

‘Brilliant instructor! Never felt better since attending greg's Monday night classes. Really noticing a difference with my fitness.’ Alice Gudgeon

‘Been going to bootcamp for 4months now and I love it! Doing exercise in the great outdoors – can’t beat it!’ Paula Saunders

‘Greg is a motivator, fun training sessions with great results . . . . bootcamp is the only thing I have ever stuck too!’ Ema Thomas

‘Greg’s bootcamp has changed my mindset and my body! wouldn’t be without it now.’ Jez Dickinson

‘I was very apprehensive before starting the ME classes but I needn’t have worried as it caters for all levels, Greg makes it fun and everyone is very friendly. It really does make you fitter and its only 30mins!’ Tracey Long

‘ME is a great class to do if you’re looking for a quick but highly effective workout whilst having a good laugh. I’d highly recommend!’ Becci Gaga

‘I love ME as part of my weekly training schedule as it is short, sharp and hits the spot – really friendly group too.’ Jan Coley

‘I highly recommend ME if you’re looking to build strength in a relaxed atmosphere. I’ve never been stronger and love the great feeling you get afterwards.’ Kathy L

Move Pilates

‘I will always be grateful for you teaching me Mel. I love the class and love the effects of the movement.’ Kim B

‘Thank you Mel for pushing and stretching us all and always with a smile on your face! Your class makes a massive difference to my week. Look forward to the next class and the next milestone to celebrate.’ Alyona O

‘Would highly recommend this class. Every class I have been to has been varied and has catered for all abilities. I have loved every class I have been to over the last year and am looking forward to the next year :) ‘ Lisa B