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Personal Training

Sean, Hinckley, Leicester
I have been training with Greg weekly for about 9 months now and have promised him a testimonial for about the last three. I have started to write one about five times but am not so great at stuff like this and never got round to finishing it.
As I write this now from Orlando airport (whilst I wait for my flight that has been delayed almost 7 hours) I have just brought a magazine by men's health and as I read through it I realise that everything that it tells me is exactly what Greg tells me with regards to what to eat and how often to exercise This in essence says everything that I wanted to. Greg knows his stuff 100%. Greg has helped me loose around three and a half stone since I have trained with him. Greg took the time to understand my goals and to put together a plan as to how I can stick to them. I believe that this has taken dedication from myself also, but without Greg I could not have done this.
I have changed my outlook totally now and absolutely love to eat healthy and exercise both in my 1 to 1 sessions with Greg and outside of this.
I would recommend Greg as a personal trainer to anyone who wants any intensity of personal training ahead of anyone else that I have ever come across and am happy to discuss how Greg has helped me directly with anyone who is thinking of using him (and he has not asked me to say that)....Good luck...

Sean, Hinckley

Steve, Hinckley, Leicester
Just a quick note to say thank you for your fantastic efforts in getting me fit and stronger over the last 10 months. My workouts have more structure to them, and I feel like I am progressing in strength, fitness and flexibility. Over the last couple of months, the skiing exercises I've been doing with you have been hard, but will pay dividends when I eventually hit the slopes I'm sure.

Tracey, Hinckley, Leicester
I have been training with Greg for the past 2yrs and over that time I have lost over a stone in weight but the main thing for me is that I feel really great and have never been so fit. Although I have trained with other Personal Trainers in the past, my sessions with Greg are always good fun, which inspires me to work very hard. The fact that I have continued to train with him for so long shows not only my commitment but his too. Whereas some Personal Trainers in the past have lost interest, I have found that Greg is always ready to push me that bit further. He really helps me stay motivated and I now make sure that my visits to the gym are part of my day-to-day routine having seen the long-term benefits. Its great when people say that I look great and I definitely don't feel anywhere near my age. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Helen, Hinckley, Leicester
I'd been training for about a year when I had to find a new personal trainer. I was a bit worried because you get used to your trainer, they know you, what you want to achieve and how far you've come already.

Greg was recommended to me and I needn't have worried at all. He's very easy to get on with. He's professional, reliable and his varied sessions and sense of humour and energy make it fun and keep me motivated.

My weight loss had come to a bit of a standstill so Greg has written a personal nutritional report for me, which takes into account the training I'm doing and he has recommended some adjustments to my diet.

I've also been running but I'm not very confident and find it a real challenge. I'd run for 3-4k max. When I went running with Greg he was very encouraging and obviously had a lot more faith in me than I did in myself and I ran 7k!

Julie, Hinckley, Leicester
Working with Greg has improved my upper body strength, which was left weak after whiplash from a car accident. The exercise sessions have been motivational and enjoyable and have made a difference to other classes I take.

Justin, Heather, Leicester
I approached Mr Greg Lennox some 18 months ago with a view to radically alter my lifestyle and general physique. Whilst I was not totally unfit, I lacked the motivation to make the changes necessary to stop the downward spiral.

Greg primarily initiated a thorough fitness test and ascertained my goals (however unrealistic!) and from that information prepared comparable result charts.

Since that time, we meet three times a week, as I find his knowledge and professionalism to be highly motivational. The programs are varied and always based around my personal targets. Ultimately, my objectives are constantly being met and exceeded.

There is also a feeling that Greg gets a true sense of personal reward and satisfaction, based on his results. Greg is a very personable individual and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services.

Sara, Coalville, Leicester
I have thought long and hard about things to put down in a testimonial but I believe that simple is best


Thank you for all your help, support and excellent advice throughout my training:

Karen Needham, Broughton Astley, Leicester
I started training with Greg in October of 2010 and although I have found it really hard to get into training again, Greg has given me the motivation and encouragement to continue.

I have joined fitness clubs and gym's in the past and like a lot of people I gradually lost my focus and self-motivation to continue and subsequently wasted money on membership.

A personal trainer gives you the extra incentive to train that you don't have when you work out on your own. Working with Greg has helped me achieve new levels of personal fitness that I have never attained before.

Stuart Randall, Broughton Astley, Leicester
Training is hard; having the discipline to do it is even harder. Greg is a fantastic personal trainer who really encourages you to push yourself safely, beyond your normal limits and realize new levels of fitness. I could never achieve the work rate that Greg motivates you do on my own. He is totally enthusiastic, professional and supportive and has helped me achieve great fitness results. Absolutely recommend him to anyone!

Pat & Pete, Hinckley, Leicester
We first met Greg about 18 months ago after my husband had a routine visit to the doctor which flagged up very high blood pressure and cholesterol. The doctor recommended an urgent change in lifestyle before matters became a serious issue.

It would have been easy to join a gym and even easier never to have gone to a session!! So instead we contacted Greg.

After doing some health and fitness assessments of his own he worked out a training programme for us, starting slowly as this was the first fitness for both of us in a very long time! We started at home as I was completely gym phobic but Greg had soon built up my confidence to allow me feel able to go to the gym!

We train together twice a week (wimping out is not an option as Greg always motivates you even if you're not really in the mood!) and he always makes sure that, although we are at different fitness levels, the sessions always challenge us both and he constantly changes the exercises to ensure that we are always improving and getting an all round workout.

Latest doctors results show Pete has a perfectly normal score for both the blood pressure and cholesterol and I am two dress sizes smaller so the effort really is worth it, and the benefits of being generally fitter are to be found in all areas of life, can't imagine not doing this now!!

Boot Camp

Cindy, Hinckley, Leicester
Having dragged two friends with me to boot camp at Hinckley rugby club, we started off with a run. Running that's not my thing but it was only a warm up, followed by a great mixture of cardio and muscle exercise not much time to chat but also didn't feel I was being push to my last breath. It soon started to work it's magic on getting my body into some sort of shape, I do miss it when I can't get. Worth giving it a go.

Dawn, Hinckley, Leicester

Dawn Testimonial

This is my 2nd year of attending Greg's bootcamp and I love it! I've been to fitness classes and the gym before, but nothing quite compares to exercising outdoors in most weather and with varied range of exercises, which is what i need to keep me interested. Greg keeps you motivated and the more you improve your fitness, the more you want to do. I've lost weight and inches, as well as toning up. Go on, give it a go!

Julie & Mark, Burbage, Leicester
We attended the Realize Fitness boot camp last year to try and lose some weight before our wedding. The sessions were tough, especially for me as I had been doing very little exercise and was very unfit but we were able to work at our own pace and the results were well worth it. We both lost weight, got fitter and felt amazing when we got married. Thanks very much and we'll be back this year.

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