FREE 24hr Weight Loss Meal Plan
Meal plan Designed for weight loss. Healthy template of what you should be eating to lose weight and get into shape
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FREE Full Body Workout
A basic full body for weight loss & toning up!
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Fat loss Meal Plan - £1.99 Fuel your body for fat loss on a daily basis and see the amazing results!
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Fat Loss Workout - £1.49
20-30min training plans designed for fat burning & toning with little or no equipment!
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Workout Plans - 99p
Resistance training plans designed to firm and tone as well as helping with fat loss!
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Realize Fitness Store - Vibration
quality training... half the time...
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Power Plate My3 - £1,495.00
Affordable bit of commercial kit that will fit into any room of the house! Will give a full body workout in 15mins!
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Power Plate My5 - £3,095.00
Slightly more expensive but with remote control and fantastic built in programs this power plate looks good and performs even better!
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Power Plate pro5 - £7,495.00
This is the daddy of vibration technology! Gym quality for under £7000 is a bargain!
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