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Getting In Shape To Wear A Bikini

Do you love summer, but hate the way you look in your swimwear? Get into shape now to wear a bikini this coming summer. You will look great, feel good about yourself, and have a great time enjoying the sun and the water without worrying about your body. First, take an honest look at your diet. Is it well balanced or do you live on junk all day long with a meal or two thrown in there? How much exercise do you get?

Cutting back on sugar that turns to fat will reduce your calorie intake and help you lose weight. You will also have more energy. That extra energy can be used to motivate you to get moving more. Fewer calories with more exercise are going to result in losing weight as well as toning up your body. Losing weight is great, but you do not want loose, flappy skin hanging out of your bikini.

While any type of exercise will help you to lose weight and tone your body, some exercises with work better than others to get your body into bikini shape. First, focus on your upper body. Doing light aerobics with weights up to five pounds will help loosen you up and firm you up. You might even consider some basic weight lifting two or three times per week. For the lower body, walking and running are great types of exercise. You will want to include sit ups and lunges to help firm up your stomach and thighs. Taebo is a great workout for your entire body that is really fun. It is also a great cardio workout.

The key is to find a diet plan that is healthy that you will be satisfied with. If you feel you are missing out, then your willpower will not last. You want to find changes that you can stick with for the rest of your life. The same is true with exercise. The key is to find types of exercise that are going to motivate you to continue. You want to look forward to your workout rather than dread it.

Making such changes is not easy. However, keep in mind the type of bikini you want to wear this summer for days when you have lost all motivation. These changes will make you feel better, have more energy, live a healthier lifestyle, and most of all look great in your new bikini!

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