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Realize Fitness Services - Fitness Testing

These tests are like human MOT's designed to evaluate an individuals health and fitness. Its an ideal starting point for anyone embarking upon a new healthier lifestyle or fitness program and a great way to monitor your progress.


Most people out there want to lose weight and this, to have a long term effect, needs to be in the form of body fat. This makes the body fat analysis part of these tests truly invaluable!

We offer 3 Options of Fitness Testing from a single body fat test to a detailed full service of a body fat test, body part measurements, blood pressure, bleep test, strength and power tests and more!

Option One - Body Fat Analysis

This is a quick 5-10min test that will measure your height and weight which will be placed into the bodystat machine to give you readings such as:

  • Body fat %
  • Body fat weight
  • Lean Mass %
  • Lean weight
  • Estimated Metabolic Rate

The other great thing about this test is it recommends what your body fat, weight and lean mass should be, giving you specific fitness goals to aim for.

Cost - £5

Option Two

This option will take a little longer than option one but offer the same as the above Fat Test with extra’s such as:

  • Blood pressure
  • Chest, Shoulders, Stomach, Hips and Thigh Measurement
  • Flexibility
  • Hand grip strength test

Cost - £10

Option Three

Full detailed fitness test combining all from option one and two with added tests such as:

  • Bleep Test
  • Vertical Jump
  • Strength test - Sit-up, Press-up and Squat

Because of the number of tests included in this fitness Testing option, it is split over 2 sessions.

Cost - £30

(All fitness testing can be re-done every 3-6months)

These results will give a starting point for training and allow specific, measurable targets to be worked towards and achieved.
Progress can then be monitored regularly throughout the year by re-testing the individual.
These tests also give feedback, incentive and belief in the effectiveness of the training program being followed.
A full report will be produced for each fitness test carried out. This will make your achievements that bit more rewarding when you look back at your previous test results!

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