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Be Inspired by Your Home-Gym Space

Keeping fit without the extra expense of a gym membership is a cinch these days, especially if you have an extra room at home that can be converted into a home gym where your fitness equipment stands ready for use whenever you need it. With so much choice on fitness equipment designed for home gym use, there's basically no excuse not to stay healthy and fit these days.

Budgeting For Your New Fitness Training Home Gym

A home gym doesn't have to have a big price-tag attached to it. Fitness equipment is getting cheaper and there's always the opportunity of picking up bargains at auctions like eBay for example. An important part of building your own home gym is the budget. How much do you have at your disposal to purchase fitness equipment and design for? Make a plan and budget - no point in using unnecessary money. For example - don't buy home fitness equipment that costs a fortune if less will do the trick. With so many home gym equipment choices available, you're sure to find one that will fit your fitness goals and budget perfectly. Having said that - shop for better quality home gym equipment. Where quality is concerned, price figures a lot in the equation. Most of the best home gym equipment are priced expensively. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, so make sure you don't give in to impulse buying.

Before You Start Buying - Have you been ill? If you've been or are ill or are on medication, it's advisable to visit your doctor and let them know of your intention to start fitness training and your home gym. Ask their advice on what you may or may not do as far as your fitness training and workouts are concerned. A doctor may very well be able to point you in the right direction or refer you to an expert that does. At least you will then have peace of mind knowing that there are possibly certain things you can or can't do. Your health is so important to you and your family, that it's advisable not to go against the doctor’s advice.

Consulting A Fitness Trainer

To research more visit your local gym, if necessary make an appointment for a consultation with a trainer. A trainer will be able to tell you what parts of your body need training and what type of fitness equipment would be used for training that part of your body. Search the internet about what part of your body you want to train, this will invariably give results on the type of equipment needed for the job.

Designing Once you've found out what type of fitness equipment is needed for the type of training you're going to do, you'll need to know the price, size and weight of the equipment so you'll be able to plan and design your home gym room accordingly to suit your needs. You'll need to make space for your home gym equipment. Depending on the size of the fitness equipment you're thinking of purchasing, make sure there's enough room for you to move around while you're doing exercises as you may be planning to do floor exercises as well using fitness equipment. Finding a room with adequate space is essential like a spare room, family den or the basement, either of these can be converted nicely and used as a fitness training home gym.

Be Energized And Inspired By Your Workout Space

Design the room so that it makes you feel energized. Perhaps a lick of paint on the walls, or a change of wallpaper and hang up a big mirror so you can watch your training progress as you go as well as making the room look and feel more spacious. Be inspired by your local gym where you can go and look for ideas that could be converted to suit your home gym plans. Some people like to have music playing while they're training, if you're one of those people and have a spare radio or CD player, make room for this where it's easy to get to - it's better to be free of things on your body for example earphones etc., as they may distract you while exercising i.e. worrying about dropping and breaking them.

Perhaps a TV and video player for training videos or just to watch while you're training is a must for you. Consider where to place them. Of course if the TV makes you drowsy - then don't put one in your home gym, but if it keeps you entertained while training it can be a good idea to integrate one into your fitness room. If you will be sharing the home gym and fitness equipment with other members of your household, consider accommodating their fitness goals as well as your own into your design and planning.

Fitness Equipment Approximate Size

To give some idea of the space needed for some fitness equipment: Stationary bicycle - approx. 3 sq. metres. Treadmill - approx. 9 sq. metres. Rowing machine - approx. 7 sq. metres. Skiing machine - at least approx. 6 sq. metres. Stair climbers - approx. 3.5 sq. ft. Single-station gym equipment - just over approx. 9 sq. metres. Multi-station gym equipment - at least 15 sq. metres. Planning Fitness Training And Tracking Progress Home workouts don't need to be difficult if you plan ahead and keep track of your progress. Write down specifics on what you want to accomplish. Make the goals not only specific, but realistic. What strategies or tactics are you going to use to accomplish your home workout goals? Having a clear cut, specific plan makes things easier at home workouts. Track your progress so you know what you're doing is leading you in the right direction. Get into the habit of weighing and measuring each time before and after your workout.

A home gym offers a lot of great things that health clubs can't such as easy access, privacy, convenience, stability in your daily workouts and a comfortable place that has far less distractions. When designing a home gym for your fitness routine, keep your needs and goals in mind, if your home gym can meet these requirements, it's a great place to be, and one that will inspire you to work out and ultimately live a healthier life.

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