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Are You Training Effectively?

When starting out on your fitness journey it’s a great idea to follow the FITT principle to see if your training and doing the right type of exercise to see maximum results!

FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Type and time. It’s very important to get the balance of these components right to get the results you are working so hard for.


This is the exercise frequency needed to produce benefits from your training. In terms of cardiovascular training you need to train at least 3 x per wk, for strength benefits it is 2 x per wk as is core training. The higher the frequency, the quicker you will progress. With regards to cardio, you could train every day if you wanted but with weight training it’s very important to have those recovery days so try not to work the same muscles on consecutive days.


This is how hard you work during your training sessions. This intensity is specific to the individual and is measured by heart rate or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). Generally if you are feeling warm and out of breath and your heart is pounding during exercise, you are working hard enough. Recent studies have shown that higher intensity exercise is more effective for fat loss than lower intensity!


To gain the benefits from your training, you need to put aside at least 20mins daily. But that is it, long gone are the hour and a half marathon sessions on the treadmill, cross trainer and weights! A regular 20min blast of high intensity training each week will reap fantastic rewards! In this day and age it’s not just the calories burnt during your training, it’s the calories your body is still burning hours after your workout that gives you those results!


This is the most interesting part of this article for me and the one which will have the biggest impact on the people out there that have been training the same way for years without unlocking there true potential and seeing those results that they have undoubtedly worked soo hard for! The buzz word at the minute when it comes to training type is 'HITT’ which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

If you are one of the thousands and thousands of people out there that go on a cross trainer for 45mins in the gym each session and do the same speed and level, then you are missing out! This steady type of training yields a certain number of calories during the session but nothing else afterwards and your body will adapt and get more efficient at this exercise so this total calorie count will reduce over time.

There is soo many studies out there showing that interval training (E.g. 30secs fast pace/30secs steady) burns a great amount of calories during the session but because your heart rate and metabolism stays elevated for hours after your training you get the after burn effect of burning extra calories while you sit doing nothing!

My advice is try and mix your training up on a regular basis and hit interval training as many times per wk as possible whether you’re using a cross trainer, rower or treadmill. Take the speed up for 30secs then rest for a minute or take the level/incline up and work really hard for 30secs then rest. Repeat over 10-20mins and work to increase your working time to 1min!

Hope this advice helps you reach your fitness goals!

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